Friday, January 26, 2007

Marching to Victory

Hi all in J-land. Treatments went  very good this last Wednesday No bad effects, at all. In fact, I feel pretty good. My next treatment is next Wednesday, I expect my hair to start coming out then, I had it cut short today, to lesson the shock, LOL. Haven't worn it this short since the 60's---remember the Pixies? I have 2 wigs and a few turbans, so I'm ready!! I'll be having my treatments in what they call "cycles" 3 treatments to a cycle, then, two weeks of rest. All told, 4 cycles with the last two, radiation. I feel each prayer sent my way and I appreciate each of them. Sometimes I feel enveloped in a golden light. You've all been a great inspiration. God bless, each of you. Hugs,Barbara

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Great News!!

Well, I started the chemo today but also, got some great news!! The cancer is in it's early stage and hasn't spread anywhere else!!!!!!! The prayers, with My Almighty's hand are already working. Praise God!!  This is the best news, I've had in a month. I will beat this !! I feel so strong with all of God's love and the love sent through each comment, from J'land!!  I'll be having four months of chemo and radiation along with the chemo, the last two months. Thanks  and God bless, each of you. Barb

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ready for Chemo

Hi all, well I had a PET scan today, which is a lot like a MRI but more detailed. This will show, whether or not the cancer , has spread, anywhere else. I really feel that I'll get good results on it. I start my first chemo, tomorrow morning. I'm ready to start beating this NOW!! I feel so many angels , in the form of friends, in J-land and elsewhere, fighting this  with me. I can never say how much, I appreciate all the prayers and encouraging words. God is carrying me, every step of the way.I can't wait, till the time comes, that I can tell, all of you, I'm cured!! This will happen, I know. So hope all of you are doing good, tonight and may God be with all. More to come later, Hugs,Barb

Friday, January 12, 2007

The ballot is in

Well, most of my test are in. I do have lung cancer in my left lung. It is small cell, which is the fast spreading kind. I'll be starting chemo next week, after a full body scan Tuesday. I'm telling you straight....... I am scared!! It's a bigger thing than I could ever handle, so I gave it all to The Man , Upstairs. He knows what I need before I can even ask Him. So, may his will be done. I'm telling myself, I can beat this. I have to!! I'll let you know more, next week. Thanks for all the kind comments, they do mean, so much. God bless,Barbara

Friday, January 5, 2007



I hope you enjoy these, I'll be adding more, soon. Hugs to all, Barbara

Next week is in sight!!

Well, I've made it this far , without losing my mind, LOL, (of course, some would disagree with that) Monday, I go for my cat scan and Tuesday, another biopsy and finally, I can get started on the road that The Lord has chosen for me. Which ever road that is, I really believe, I'm ready. It's not to say, I'm not scared, I am!! I'll be holding tight to Christs' hand and I know , wherever He leads me, I'll be fine. I'll let you all know my outcome, next week. Please keep me in your prayers and thanks to all of you that have been praying for me. I feel each prayer and each one, gives the the strength , to go on. Love and hugs, to all. Barbara