Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hey!! I did it. Thanks so much NightmareMom!!

Thanks for the help, in inserting my animation!!

I'm doing ok.

I'm still hanging on. I thought, I'd let you see me, since I'm sure, we will all be friends. Today is Thursday, 12/28/06. Seems like, I'm thinking a lot about the past. I've met some great friends on AOL, that I'll remember, all my life. I went to my oncologist yesterday, LOL, no not for the cancer but for polycythemia. It's a condition, I have that I make too many red blood cells and every few months, they sometimes have to drain a pint of blood, luckily, not the case this month :-) I also have diabetes and emphysema. Yes, I am a mess, it seems!! I really think The Lord is teasting me, at times but my faith never changes. With Him, all things are possible and that's why I know, I'll beat this cancer yet. Wishing each of you a safe and Happy New Years and may only good things , come your way. Till next time,Barbara

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Days are going slow.

Usually my days are fast. This waiting is begining to get to me. Today is only December 27 and I have to wait another two weeks. LOL, I'm the kind that if you're gonna shoot me, please do it now, don't wait. It's like sitting on a time bomb. Blessings to all.Hugs, Barb

Saturday, December 23, 2006

What I do to stay focused.

I love PSP and animations. They are my get a way.

The shock

Monday, December, the 18, 2006, I awoke as usual and preceded to begin my day. I have emphysema and wasn't concerned, as I began my morning coughing. Soon through, I was staring at bright red blood , that I was coughing up. Oh no, I thought, I have to call my doctor. I did and was told to get to the hospital for lung x rays.The next day, I was admitted to the hospital, for a broncoscopy. Right after the broncoscopy, my doctor told me, Barb, it looks like cancer. What!!! Had I heard him right??? He said for me to come into his office on Friday, December, 22, 2006 for the results. I went to his office, understandably nervous but with courage in what I had to face. He said, that during the procedure, I was coughing and bleeding so much that I would have to have another broncoscopy on Jauary the 9th.  He also said that he is 95% sure that it is cancer .Today is December the 23, 2006. I will follow this up soon.